Can I Modify a Past Court Order?

Divorce Modifications in Las Vegas

Life changes over the years. Nothing can be done to prevent changes from happening, but when they do happen, you may need to modify one or more court orders that were issued in your divorce. Court orders are intended to address issues that exist at the time they are issued, but changes in your life can make it impossible to comply with a court order or so that you require more of the other part.

For example, maybe you have lost your job and cannot afford to pay child support anymore. You can request to have the support order modified so that your support payments are affordable. Maybe your child has been diagnosed with a medical condition and you need to receive more support from the other parent to pay for the child's care. A modification could be made that requires a higher support payment. Perhaps you need to relocate for work, but cannot do so until the existing child custody or visitation order is modified. You can request a modification that allows you to move away with your child without impeding the other parent's custody or visitation rights.

Our Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers Can Help You Get a Modification

Consult a Las Vegas divorce attorney from Gordon Law Offices right away if you need to have a court order modified. You will need to prove to the family law judge that you have had a change in life circumstances that requires the court order to be modified. Our attorney team can help you present a strong argument so that you succeed in obtaining a modification. Our goal is to provide the caring support and effective representation that you need in all areas of your divorce or family law matter. Call now at (702) 529-1947 to contact us for your free initial consultation.

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