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How Is Custody Determined?

Every child who is under the age of 18 must be included in legal paperwork during a divorce. If parents can agree on the details of child custody, a judge has the ability to create a legal document stating such agreements. When a couple cannot agree on a custody arrangement, the best interests of the child are taken into consideration. The court will not automatically select a parent to have sole custody based on religion, sex, or any other factor. They will assess how each parent provides for the child, if either parent has a history of any type of abuse, the relationships between the child and both parents, the physical and emotional health of all parties involved, and if each parent is able to facilitate a relationship with the child and the other parent. For those who desire legal representation during a child custody case, please call a Las Vegas divorce attorney from our firm.

Types of Child Custody in NV

Nevada court systems often give parents who are divorcing joint legal custody. This means that the mother and father are entitled to be involved in important decision making situations. Sole legal custody is rare in Nevada, and is only awarded if one parent has no involvement with the child, is a felon, is mentally impaired, or does not want any legal rights. Shared/joint physical custody is becoming a popular form of child custody in the State of Nevada. This means that both parents have an equal amount of time with the child. Parents who desire joint physical custody are encouraged to reach an agreement about the amount of time each parent will spend with a child outside of court. The judge will then determine if the child's best interests are met based on state laws in the parents' custody agreement.

Las Vegas, Nevada Custody Attorney

For parents who believe they can decide on a child custody agreement outside of court, our firm offers mediation services. In the event that a small conflict arises, our mediator may be able to resolve the issue without you and your spouse taking the matter to court. If you are in a high-conflict marriage and facing a child custody case, you may want to consider hiring a lawyer. Call Gordon Law Offices today to schedule an appointment.

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