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If you and your husband are getting a divorce, make sure that your rights as the mother of your child are protected. Although mothers were shown preference in child custody and support cases in the past, the laws have been changed to provide equal consideration for both parents, using the child's best interest to make decisions in these areas. Nevertheless, you may need to defend your rights against a father who claims that you are being shown preference, who accuses you of using parental alienation tactics to turn the child against them, and more. Your rights as a mother could be jeopardized by the other party in your divorce or by the poor handling of the court, which is why you need skilled representation by your side.

The relationship of a mother's with her child is extremely important. Separation from your child due to a wrongfully handled divorce proceeding could cause permanent damage to your child's emotional stability and growth in the future. You play a large part in their upbringing as their mother and you should be allowed to maintain a relationship with them after your divorce. Consult with a Las Vegas divorce lawyer from Gordon Law Offices today if you are in need of an aggressive advocate to defend your rights. We have what it takes to handle your case with satisfactory results.

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Divorce can either be achieved amicably through an uncontested divorce, such as mediation or collaboration, or it can be obtained through a contested divorce and litigation. As the mother in a divorce proceeding, it is important to act soon and retain a lawyer who can properly fight for your rights in either case. Contact Gordon Law Offices right away to schedule your initial consultation and discuss your options. Our firm is prepared to fight for the divorce orders that you deserve.

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