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Flat Fixed Fee Charge Structure

Gordon Law Offices is a solid choice for people looking for quality legal representation at an affordable rate. We take great pride in offering highly competitive rates for comparable legal services in Las Vegas, Nevada. In fact, we encourage you to check with our competitors and determine what they charge for similar legal services.

We neither request the typical high initial retainer of other law firms, nor do we bill on an hourly basis, as is customary Las Vegas. We find that many people disfavor that method of payment due primarily to the perception of abuse by the attorney. Clients (and attorneys) often underestimate the time necessary to properly advocate for their interests and clients are often shocked to learn the amount they ultimately owe in legal fees.

As a consequence, we typically charge a flat, fixed, fee based upon the particular case stage. In other words, we explain to you that to handle your case from "point A" to "point B" will cost a fixed amount of money including costs, provided you fully disclose all pertinent case facts: no more, no less. Each case is made up of various stages with differing fee structures based upon the anticipated amount of work involved at each respective stage. If, however, our attorneys underestimate the amount of time necessary to complete a particular case stage, you pay nothing extra for the additional work involved.

Working on a flat fee basis has four primary advantages to you, the client. First, you know exactly what a particular portion of the case will cost you in advance – nothing is hidden. Second, it allays all fears of bill padding (or the performance of unnecessary work) as you are not billed for the time the attorney claims that he or she spent representing you – what you see is what you get. Third, the attorneys at Gordon Law Offices have a direct economic incentive to be as efficient and effective as possible – to work toward a speedy case resolution rather than prolong the process to increase the probability of future billing opportunities. Fourth, our current and former clients regularly inform us that our fees for overall representation are typically far less than our direct competitors.

Payment Plans

We normally require that the client advance all of the costs, and half of the applicable attorney’s fees, to commence work on a particular case stage. The balance owed may be paid on a mutually agreed upon payment plan. We will work with you.

Personal Injury & Workers’ Compensation

We do not get paid until you get paid.

At Gordon Law Offices, our fees are based on a percentage of the ultimate gross case settlement value. Depending upon the nature of the case, our fees range anywhere from 20% to 33 1/3%, pre-litigation.

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