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The Divorce Process

How to File for Divorce in Las Vegas, NV

The process of obtaining a divorce is never simple. There is extensive paperwork that must be completed and filed at specific times, and detailed steps must be taken in a certain order to complete the process correctly. The only way to successfully navigate divorce is to hire a Las Vegas divorce lawyer who will stay by your side and guide you through each step. That is why you need to contact Gordon Law Offices right away if you are looking to get a divorce in Las Vegas.

Summary of the Divorce Process

  • Complaint for Divorce (contested cases); or
    Joint Petition for Divorce (uncontested cases)
  • Service of divorce papers
  • Reply to divorce notice
  • Hearing for temporary court orders
  • Discovery process
  • Custody and support decided via mediation (contested cases)
  • Divorce trial (contested cases)
  • Decree of Divorce (contested cases);or
    Decree of Divorce by Summary Disposition (uncontested cases)
  • Notice served to opposing party

The Nevada Divorce Process Explained

The first step in the divorce process is to file a Complaint for Divorce (contested) or a Joint Petition for Divorce (uncontested). The other party will then be served a notice of the divorce proceedings, if applicable, and must reply to the notice. At this time, a hearing may be held for the issuance of temporary court orders, including child custody, child support, spousal support, and protective orders in abusive cases.

Next follows the discovery process, where each party's assets and property will be disclosed in order to determine the amount what property is eligible for division in divorce. This is a mandatory phase and helps both parties prepare for trial. Parents must also settle all custody and support issues before trial per Nevada family court regulations, which usually involves mediation. The trial will follow, at which point each party will argue their case and a family law judge will make a final decision on each aspect of their divorce.

The divorce becomes final when the judge signs a Decree of Divorce and it is filed with the clerk. A notice will be issued to the opposing party and the divorce will be complete. A divorce can also be finalized without a hearing by meeting all criteria for an uncontested case and having a judge enter a Decree of Divorce by Summary Disposition. If you are looking to get a divorce in the Las Vegas area, speak with a divorce lawyer from Gordon Law Offices right away to learn how we can help you through the process.

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At Gordon Law Offices, we have extensive experience in all areas of family law and divorce. Our lawyers are more than capable of counseling you throughout the divorce process so that you can have confidence in the best possible outcome. We are skilled in divorce litigation, but can also provide assistance throughout an uncontested divorce. Our lawyers have practiced for decades and can provide the best representation in divorce.

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