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Frequently Asked Questions on Divorce

When divorce or other family law matters arise there are often numerous questions that those involved will have. The skill and knowledge of a Las Vegas divorce attorney can help you answer those questions and carry out your claim in a profitable manner. Speak with an attorney during a free initial consultation to answer any question you have.

Are there alternatives to divorce?

Yes there are. Marriage can be hard and countless individuals face issues. Some may choose to file for divorce, while others may go another route. The option of a legal separation ends up being the best choice for many couples. While they are still legally married, they can live apart from each other and sever a number of ties such as financial ones. For some couples, they consider a legal separation to spend time away from each other that can give them the space they need to make a decision on the issue. Regardless of the reasons for a separation, an attorney can help you make the most of it.

How is property divided?

Each state has their own guidelines on how they choose to go about property division. In the state of Nevada a community property approach is held to. This means that a couple that is unable to come to an agreement themselves on what property or debt will go to who, will need to turn to the court to make the decision. In general the court will divide up the estate of the couple evenly.

This can include exceptions and does not mean every case will have a perfect split, but as a general rule assets are evenly divided. This can mean that one spouse incurs school debt even if they were not the individual that continued on with their education. In other instances this can mean that they gain a significant portion of their former spouse's finances. There are pros and cons to community property and with the help of Gordon Law Offices you may be able to help turn the odds in your favor.

Is there anything I can do to change a past court order?

The situation of a person's life is always changing. Some may have found themselves in one place at the time of their divorce and now that former life is even hard to recognize. This can mean that the ruling by a court is no longer affective like it was in the past. Some may be paying alimony to a spouse that now makes enough to stand on their own. Other times a person may not have been granted child custody but now that they have their act together they are seeking to regain visitation rights.

When these types of claims arise you can return to the court seeking to have an adjustment made to the ruling. They will review the case and the current circumstances to determine if they will allow for a modification to be made. Not everyone that seeks a modification is given one. You will need to be able to prove to the court with strong evidence that there is sufficient reasoning for them to make the alteration.

How does the court decide on spousal support?

Spousal support is an important issue for many. For those that have become reliant on their spouse to support them, a divorce may leave them unsure of how they will continue to meet their standard of living.

The court will take a number of factors into consideration when they decide if they will award spousal support, including the following:

  • If one of the spouses makes significantly more than the other
  • If the dependent spouse can get a job
  • What the standard of living was for the dependent spouse
  • Their mental status
  • How long the marriage lasted
  • The financial situation for both parties
  • The health of each person
  • How they each contributed to the marriage

If one spouse remained home with the children while the other spouse was out working they can argue for support claiming that they contributed to the marriage and were unable to gain work related skills since they were at home. The court can determine if they will award support along with how much and for how long? In some instances it may be temporary until the dependent spouse is able to finish school or stand on their own.

I am a stay at home father. Can I seek support from my spouse?

Often times it is the wife that is thought of when it comes to spousal support. Stay at home fathers are a growing trend and in the event that divorce arises many of them can find themselves financially hurt without the support of their partner. Fathers' rights are continuing to advance, with more and more fathers receiving support and child custody.

What areas can you help with besides divorce?

While our firm provides exceptional service in claims of divorce, there are other related areas we are equally as skilled in such as:

When it comes to divorce law, the issues that extend from it are countless. Our services also extend to issues of wills, estates and probate, and criminal defense. Any number of situations can arise and with over 50 years of legal experience we are ready to help.

Contact a Las Vegas divorce lawyer from the firm for a free consultation to gain the answers to your questions.

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